New Tree Planted

I took the morning off today to plant my replacement tree.  It looks pretty good!


I added some sage bushes on either side that I thought looked nice in the nursery.  I have a few deer grass plants in back which I might add to fill in the gaps a little bit.

I’m a little concerned about how well it will grow with all the wood chips left in the dirt from the stump grinding.  I had a garden once that included a former tree stump, and the corn never grew well at the location where the stump had been.  Corn is an annual though so it may have a harder time of it.  Tree roots should just push the good chips out of the way once they take hold.

I’ll want to spread some uniformly colored mulch once I’m through planting so that everything looks more even.  For now though it’s coming along, and it should satisfy the city’s tree inspection.

You might notice that I also added a sign to the city’s signpost which wasn’t there three weeks ago.  I figured that since the parking in front of my house is constantly occupied by the neighbors on evenings and weekends, I would make an effort to disavow any future liability resulting from their choice of location.  Park anywhere you like, it’s a free country, but don’t come crying to me because of falling tree branches.  Nobody made you leave your car there.

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