The Rose Perseveres

My new house came with some rose bushes, which I have embarrassingly ignored for 5 months since I bought the place.  Before that they were ignored for at least another 5 months.  Despite the neglect, this one is certainly making the most of the recent rains and warm weather.

I had been considering replacing the roses with something else, but the lonesome blossom has kind of endeared this one to me.  Maybe I’ll take care of them after all.

The yellow flowers are some variety of sourgrass.  They’re generally regarded as a weed but in a big swathe like this I think they’re pretty in a wildflower sort of way.



The Rose Perseveres — 2 Comments

  1. Keep both, see how they do…I think your sour grass is same family as blue-flowered rampant plant mom has…less rampant this yr by far…however, it stays on, after blooming, as a ground cover. As to ‘weed’: remember the “milkWEED”!

    • Yeah, the linked Wikipedia article indicates that it’s a sorrel, probably either Bermuda Buttercup or Yellow Woodsorrel.

      I got some milkweed seeds to help out the butterflies which are all dying off from lack of habitat, and the seed instructions say they need to be refrigerated for 6 weeks before they will germinate! Yikes!