The Barn Is Back In Rotation

After eight months of inactivity, I’ve finally got enough time available to put the barn back in rotation!

The fine fellows at came out to California for a three day weekend, and were kind enough to help me out with some otherwise impossible lifting and fastening.  Progress was as usual slower than we would have liked, but we got all of the roof trim installed and some of the drip edge as well.


wpid-wp-1413989233417.jpeg wpid-wp-1413989444056.jpeg

I’m still planning to eventually put a metal roof on, but the fall season is here and I don’t think the underlayment I installed will last through the whole winter.  I’m going to put on some inexpensive roll roofing which ought to last me for at least 5 years.  That’s plenty of time to finish the rest of the project and then I can worry about installing a nicer roof.  Speaking of which, after searching all over the country for a supplier for Metal Sales Image II vertical seam roof panels I discovered this weekend that Hills Flat Lumber can order them for me.  They even have a display in the back hallway of the store!


I won’t be going with the blue color shown here, I was thinking that Forest Green or Sierra Green would look nicer.  I’m happy that I’ve found a local vendor though.

We had a lot of trouble on Monday getting work done.  A couple of hours into the morning my ten year old old cheap air compressor stalled and then died.   We took a trip into town to get lunch and also picked up a nice new oil lubricated unit at Tractor Supply.  It should last me for a long time.


The only hitch was that it turned out my generator doesn’t put out enough amps to get the compressor motor up to full speed.  We borrowed power from my next door neighbor 150 feet or so down the hill, but I don’t want to have to impose on him every time I need to get any work done.  I’m going to try using a smaller motor pulley on the compressor to reduce the starting load.  The pump will run slower but it should still pump air okay.


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  1. Trim looks like it belongs! — good thing, considering you’d never want to go thru that challenge again —

    Pretty nifty generator, by the way.