I Started A Garden

I started a garden last weekend at my new place.  It’s not much to look at yet because the seeds I put in haven’t germinated, but I’m hoping they’ll do okay.  The soil seems to be of excellent quality.



I added a couple of paths so that I will be able to walk, but they weren’t in when I took this picture.

The corner doesn’t look like much, but it’s one of two spots where the weeds seemed to be really thriving so I’ll take that as a good sign.  I don’t get full sun on account of the big tree, but I should be able to grow most vegetables okay with maybe two-thirds of a full day.  Melons and pumpkins might not do well, but I’m going to try tomatoes and corn to see whether I can get a worthwhile yield out of them.  Beans, peas, and leafy greens should all do just fine.

It being a little early in the season still, I planted some quick-maturing lettuce, radishes, chard, beets and spinach to give me something to do until prime corn-and-tomato planting season gets here.  I took out a weedy little volunteer tree and add added some soil amendments, which was a chore.  I also dug quite a few broken bricks out of the dirt.  I think they must be left over from when the house was originally built, the seem like a good match for the bricks that my chimney is made out of.

IMG_20140308_144314_823 IMG_20140308_161034_823


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