The Barn Is Hanging In There

I haven’t had much to say recently, I’ve been really busy at work and the extracurricular projects have been on hold.  They’re still there though, waiting for me to find a bit of free time.

Since I got the waterproofing on the barn I haven’t been back up there to do any work on it.  It’s hanging in there just fine, although I discovered a wasp nest on my pickup truck which made for a bit of excitement.  I knocked it off and drive down to the local coin wash to clean the beast, and it came out looking nice and shiny.

No photos of the truck, but here’s the barn with some Spring tree leaves.

IMG_20140518_180422500_HDR IMG_20140518_180638375_HDR


I’ve also found a bit of time to start working on the condo again, which has been empty for about 6 months now.  Once I finally finish up and get that place generating some revenue it’s going to feel like Christmas!  I’m going to put a second coat of paint on the cabinet doors and frames this evening and they should look okay.

IMG_20140519_225923299_HDR IMG_20140519_225933816_HDR

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