Poultry Project

So as thought I didn’t already have more projects than I can handle, I’ve added another one to my list: ¬†Backyard chickens!

I picked up four little chicks last weekend when I was passing through Auburn, and I set up a nice warm brooder for them with fresh water and Purina baby poultry feed.

Breeds from left to right: Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Maran, Sicilian Buttercup, Ameraucana

Rhode Island RedCuckoo MaranSicilian ButtercupAmeraucana

The buttercup in particular is very friendly, when I reach into the brooder she’ll climb right up onto my hand. The other three are a bit more skittish but they seem to be getting along.

I’ve got about 5 weeks to build a chicken coop, otherwise it will be so crowded in the brooder that I’ll have to move them into my bathtub or something.

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