Barn Is Coming Along

Wow, I haven’t posted much recently have I?  Looks like it’s been about four months!

My barn project is continuing to come along nicely if slowly.  I had been hoping to pass final inspection in late February, but it looks as though I’m not going to be quite ready.

wpid-wp-1455914420570.jpg wpid-wp-1455914323018.jpg

The siding is done on three sides, and I have exterior lights installed on the East wall.  Wanderingsofbaloo came out during what turned out to be the rainiest week of the season and helped me spread ten yards of gravel all around the building, and it looks much more like it belongs now.


It’s shaping up to be a pretty Spring season up at the building site.  I’m looking forward to some warm and productive weekends in the coming months!

wpid-wp-1455914519270.jpg wpid-wp-1455914747352.jpg

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