Because Reasons

Some of you may wonder why I decided to start a pointless blog with a goofy name.  Those of you who know me better might not wonder at all.  Because I’m like that.  Which you know.  Also there was some beer, so that helped too.

Anyway here we are, just you and me, on the Internet.  How about that.  Or maybe it’s mostly just me talking to myself.  That’s usually how the evening turns out.  Except that time with Wendy in Chico, at that keg party with Solo cups and physics.  She know which party I’m talking about.  Good times.  🙂

Where was I?  Oh right.  Welcome to my blog.  I used to have a blog back in the day, when blogging was like all, <TITLE>My Blog</TITLE>.  Things are easier now and I suppose that’s better.  But some part of me misses the old days when you edited your HTML with vi over a dialup modem connection.  I even hosted my site over a dialup modem connection, and I used to fret over reducing images from 1.5k to 1k in size so that the pages would load faster.  Of course when I was your age we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow and people thought Casio watches were cool.

So welcome to my blog.  I think I’ll have a sandwich.

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