The Basement Is Where I Bury The Bodies

Here’s a shot of the basement under the Big Basin Way house:

This is where I keep all my victims

This is where I keep all my victims

It’s kind of creepy, but it’s dry.  If there were more than one working light bulb that would really help chase away the scary.  It’s almost tall enough to be a shop.  Well, at my height it actually is plenty tall enough but most guys would prefer a little more headroom.  Ideally, I’d like to dig the basement down about 18 inches and pour a slab.  That would make it into a really usable space!

I’m kidding about the victims, in case you don’t get my weird sense of humor.  There is an odd little room that the previous owner had built on one side though, that’s kind of strange.  They might have kept the kidnapping victims in there, or perhaps some illegal exotic animals or something.  Given the Santa Cruz Mountains location however, it’s more likely to be where they were growing their marijuana.

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