Three Chicken Farm

I lost one of my hens here at Four Chicken Farm.  The Ameraucana was fine on Saturday morning, but by Sunday evening she had gone to the great free range in the sky.  She didn’t show any signs of distress, it looked as though she just dropped right off of the roost one night.  Poor girl.  She was fifteen months old, which is probably something like thirteen in people years.  Chickens reach sexual maturity much faster in proportion to the dominant primates.


The Ameraucana (left) with her very first egg

The last egg she laid

The last egg she laid

Not to worry about us here at Four Three Chicken Farm!  We’ll persevere.  I noticed last weekend that Echo Valley Ranch is still carrying chicks even at this late season; they had some Orpingtons and a couple other breeds as well.  It’s not a very good idea to raise up one chick all alone as they are flock animals.  Maybe we should move up to Five Chicken Farm?

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