Barn Walls Progressing Nicely

The barn walls are progressing nicely. My friend ‘Rin was up at the site helping out on Sunday, and we got a lot of work done. It’s really looking like a building now!


You can see in the image that the tops of the tall panels haven’t been nailed on yet. This serendipitously turned out to be a good thing. There is a steel strap which ties the gable walls and second floor diaphragm together on each end, and it is supposed to be nailed onto the framing slightly below the tops of the 10-foot sheathing panels. I didn’t realize until after the fact that the straps are supposed to be installed below the top of the sheathing, but since the tops of the panels haven’t been nailed on yet I should still be able to reach in there with a nailer and take care of it.


Relaxed carpenter provided for scale reference

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