2045 Nails

The second floor platform is finally, completely done!



You may be wondering why it took me so long to nail together some plywood, and it has indeed been frustratingly slow progress.  The floor diaphragm that you see in the picture has a lot more going on than it looks like.  There are three rows of blocking under the floor, which take a lot of time to cut and install.  There are hurricane clips every two feet along the perimeter which tie the rim joists to the glu-lam beams.

Adding up all of the fasteners called for in the plans, I come up with about 2045 nails in the second floor frame and deck.  No, I did not count them individually.  But that gives a rough idea of the amount of work that went into what you see in the picture.

Next weekend I’ll be starting on the second floor gable walls.  Compared to the floor itself I expect the walls to go together pretty quickly.

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