2nd Floor Walls Started

I got the first of the second floor walls up this past weekend, and another one partially framed.

2nd Floor Wall


I only put on partial sheathing to save weight because I didn’t use any mechanical aids to lift the short wall. I just strong-armed it into the vertical position by hand. I’ll have to rig something up for the opposite wall, which will be heavier with the header installed. The two long walls will also need something like that.

There are a few different wall jack systems which you can get for about a grand. They are all basically just come-along winches and a hollow pole, although there’s a cheaper version that uses a 2×4 as the lift pole. I’ll try to rig up basically the same thing using the blocks that I lifted the glu-lam beams with, they worked better than I expected for the beam lift and I already have them so the price is right.

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