Barn Plans

Things are finally getting rolling with my barn construction project.  I’ve posted a copy of the approved plans here.

Front elevation mini


I’ve selected A&J Construction to contract with for my foundation.  It’s going to cost me eleven grand, but it will really simplify my life to have someone else do this for me.  There’s some leeway for me to call in favors with friends and family to get my carpentry done, but there isn’t much room for error when the concrete truck arrives.

I had originally planned to do the foundation myself, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated than a basic monolithic slab.  The footings, stemwalls and slab are all going to be separate pours.  There’s also going to be a pretty large amount of compacted gravel fill, which will have to be done in several lifts.  I think I’ll be glad that I contracted this out.

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