It Gets Dark Early

I had quite an adventure this past weekend working on the south side barn roof.  I spent a lot of time on Saturday checking to make sure everything is adequately square and level, and on Sunday I put up most of the rafters.


The time change is really noticeable when you are working outside!  After the sun sets I still want to keep working for a couple of hours.  I tried plugging some work lights into the generator, which works okay but the lights flicker when there’s a heavy load like a power tool.  So I can’t see and cut at the same time, which isn’t terribly useful.

Luckily I have a Plan B!  The little solar system that I built several years ago has a 150 watt inverter, which is enough to power some work lights while I use the generator to run the tools.  Voila!  Carpentry after dark!

image  image  image

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