Stump Removal

Looks like Anthony has wasted no time in getting started removing my tree stumps.  There should be some concrete by next weekend!



I didn’t really do anything at the site this weekend, but I had to go up there and leave my wet-stamped plans for the inspector to look at.  I had provided a copy for Anthony to work from, but the inspector will want to see the plan set that the building department stamped in red.  Supposedly that proves that I’m not cheating, although if I really wanted to fake plan approval I could just have my own rubber stamp made that says “REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE”.

Anyway, everything should be ready to go now.  By next weekend the foundation will be well underway.  Depending on how quickly things move it might even be done, although I kind of doubt that it will go that fast.  5 days seems to me like it would be a very aggressive schedule.

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