Painted Fascia

Not a whole lot of progress this weekend.  I only spent one day on the barn, and I didn’t do any carpentry at all.  Instead I painted all of my fascia boards while they are still on the ground so that I won’t have to do it up on a ladder.

Fascia boards painted Paint and fascia board

It’s interesting how this color appears on different surfaces.  The gray appearance on the trim boards themselves is more like what I was expecting, the sort of antique white color of the drips on the paint can was kind of a surprise.

I painted all six sides of the fiber cement trim, and I put a second coat on what will be the exposed face.  I’ll still need to touch up the nails and any scuff marks, but that will be easier to do than painting the whole surface after installation.  I’m going to order my siding pre-finished so that I won’t have to paint it all.

I also picked up a couple of rolls of Tyvek house wrap on Saturday while I was getting lunch.  I may be able to install that next weekend.

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