Poultry Progress

The chicks are about three weeks old now. I’ve had them for 2 1/2, so they are probably about three weeks out of the shell.  The big girl is more like 4 weeks.

They have been growing like crazy!  Here’s what they look like today, except for the Maran which I didn’t get a picture of.


IMG_20140617_200439044IMG_20140615_220712123_HDR IMG_20140618_224706274


They are getting into the phase where they are definitely not little balls of fluff anymore but neither are they fully feathered.  It will be about four more weeks until they really look like chickens and not chicks.

It’s getting difficult to photograph them; they won’t sit still for even a second. Once I get any one of them out of the brooder they start looking around like mad. Three out of four of them are now perfectly comfortable on the perch I put in the brooder, and the big girl immediately hops up onto the rim whenever I take the lid off.

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