BLT With Avocado

This is the BLT with avocado sandwich from Time Deli on Bascom in San Jose.  I ordered it on marbled rye bread, which I love, and I’m always happy to find a place that serves it.


Time Deli has been around for years, located near the clean working class Burbank neighborhood. The spot draws an inclusive crowd, which might include business suits and painters overalls together in the same lunch line.


The BLT is an excellent sandwich, and the huge dill pickle for an extra dollar is a good addition.  The bacon was thick and perfectly cooked, and they didn’t overdo it.  I love bacon, but I want my BLT to have a good ratio of tomatoes and lettuce to compliment the meat so that it’s more than just a pile of bacon between bread.  These guys have nailed it. Also an important factor, the avocado consists of actual slices of an actual fresh avocado; they don’t just spread some prepared guacamole on the bread and call it a day. This sandwich is the real deal.

I might have liked for the sandwich to be a bit cheaper, with the pickle and tax my lunch order weighed in at over nine dollars without a drink.  I think it was worth the dough however, and I’ll definitely be returning for another one.  I also need to some time try their tri-tip sandwich, which had received rave reviews.

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