The Barn Has A Meter Panel

I spent the last couple of barn weekends installing siding on the North wall and putting up my electrical panel.  It looks good!

IMG_20150111_161941131_HDRThis is the actual color that it will be.  It needs a second coat of paint, but I put the first coat on while the siding was all still on the ground.  Likewise with the trim.

After installing the panel, I started getting nervous about proceeding with wiring the building even though I can’t lock it because of the giant open door holes.  I haven’t had anything stolen yet that I have discovered, but copper theft is a big problem on construction sites these days.  With that in mind, yesterday I stopped the electrical work and started working on my barn doors instead.  I got the track installed for the big rolling doors on the East side.

IMG_20150111_161903744_HDRThere’s a three day weekend coming up, so hopefully I can build the doors which go here and perhaps start on the South door as well.

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