Passed Electrical Inspection

I passed my electrical inspection on Monday!

Over the weekend I cleaned up the site and made a couple of runs out to the McCourtney Road transfer station.  Grass Valley has to have the most beautiful dump that I’ve ever been to; you could practically take your date there. I snapped this picture out the back window as I was leaving.


On Monday the inspector came out and he signed me off on both rough electrical and rough framing.  That’s the last inspection I’ll need before the final, so it’s starting to feel like things are really coming together!  After he left I installed my permanent outdoor work lights, which seem to do a pretty good job lighting up the area that I most often find myself woking in after dark.


If you noticed that the floodlights seem to be different colors you are correct; one is 5000° Kelvin and the other is 3000° Kelvin.  I ordered them that way because of my theatre background.  The neighbors will probably think I’m weird.

No, I do not intend to produce Shakespeare at the barn.  🙂

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