Slab Done


My slab and stemwalls are done, and ready for framing!

I took several pictures before this one, but the mottled light filtering through the trees is kind of a photographic nightmare.  Either the highlights are overexposed, or the shadows are underexposed.  It makes it hard to see anything in the photograph.

Serendipitously, one lone cloud just happened to pass overhead and afford me the opportunity to take a better picture.  Besides getting a good look at the concrete which I’m so pleased about, you can also see the red earth which we have out there.  Although common in the Southeast, California doesn’t have much of these soils except in the former gold country area where we are.  Sadly, I haven’t found any big gold nuggets yet.  🙂

Anyway back to the barn.  There are four piers and two small pads left to do, as described in the previous post.  Anthony should finish those up this coming week.  Then on to the carpentry!

The foundation crew used up most of the water in my 1,100 gallon tank.  I checked it and there was a little less than 100 gallons left.  I gave the neighbor twenty bucks to let me fill the tank from his well, which took about three hours.

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