Gluten-Free Timer

My washing machine broke.  You know how there’s a knob that you push in and turn to select which cycle you want, and then you pull it out to start the machine?  Well, I put all my laundry in the machine together with a carefully measured quantity of soap, and then I turned the knob clockwise to the “normal” cycle and pulled.  And then?  Nothing.  The knob didn’t click into place, it was just kind of loose and floopty-like.  I fiddled with it and eventually wound up taking the machine apart and jury-rigging it with a couple of Q-Tips so that the switch would close and I could get my laundry clean.  While it was washing I Googled the part number for the timer assembly and ordered a replacement part from a supply house in Ohio.

That pretty much brings the story up to today.  When I got home this evening there was a box on the porch with a brand-new washing machine timer in it.  Here is a picture of the box:

Completely gluten-free washing machine timer.

Completely gluten-free washing machine timer.

I am so happy to know that my new mechanical timer is completely gluten free!  You might not know this, but gluten is a common problem in major household appliances.

Remember also to keep your spare parts frozen!

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