Three Walls On Two

My barn has three second floor walls up!


I almost forgot to post about my barn progress, what with all the home buying that’s been going on.  I got one of the long second-floor walls raised this weekend and I also got a ledger installed for the north rafters.


It’s looking more and more like its final shape every time I go up there.  I bought a pair of wall jacks and they made the task of lifting the wall a heck of a lot easier.  I got the two short walls up by just manhandling them into place, but they were about the maximum that I could possibly dead lift.  I wouldn’t have been able to lift the long wall without some mechanical aid.


Three Walls On Two — 3 Comments

    • I said, great place, of “Your Own”, to make-better-with-feeling!!!

      P.S., what’s the cellar look like?

  1. Sorry about that, the comments on the blog are moderated and they don’t show up until I approve them individually. There’s a lot of spam that comes in as blog comments.

    I presume that you’re referring to the house and not the barn? Your comments were attached to a barn post, but the barn doesn’t have much of a cellar. 🙂

    The cellar below my house is in pretty good shape, but it needs pressure washing. It smells like a cat peed in it. There’s some efflorescence on the concrete but not so much that it concerned my home inspector. It’s not large, probably about 12×12 feet or so. I should be able to fit a good amount of stuff down there.