My Basement Dungeon

Okay, I don’t really have a dungeon in the basement.  But I do have a basement!

There was this one creepy house I looked at several months ago which I jokingly referred to as “the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ house”, now that one kind of did have a dungeon in the basement.   There was literally a trapdoor in the kitchen which opened to the stairs going down, and there was all this food canned in mason jars that looked like it had been there for decades.  And there was a shower head on a beam.  Not a shower, just the shower head with hot and cold water knobs.  It was creepy.  My real estate agent wouldn’t even go down there.

Anyway, back to my basement.  It’s not creepy although it does need to be pressure washed.  One of my faithful blog readers asked about it in a comment, and since we aim to please here at Adventures In Lunch World Headquarters I stopped by the place earlier today and took some pictures.  Without further pomp and/or circumstance, here they are:






My Basement Dungeon — 2 Comments

  1. Not a bad area…! Electricity, (dry) retaining walls…(part of foundation?) is that a definition of cellar vs. basement?

    Are those hardwood floors?

    You know, the general ‘look’ of the house is that it was used & remodeled in modest ways by live-in owners. Reminds me of Hayward…?that ‘intersection’ of hallways/doors to rooms that kind of ‘congest’ c/ ea other??…

    • I don’t know if there’s a formal difference between “cellar” and “basement”. If I had to hazard a guess I would say that a basement is more like a full basement, which would make this a cellar. And yes, I definitely like having a home in an area which has electricity. 🙂

      The floors are hardwood in the living room, hall and bedrooms. The kitchen, bath, and utility room have crummy linoleum. The crummy linoleum in the kitchen is at least new crummy linoleum, the bathroom floor really needs to be replaced.

      It is reminiscent of the Hayward house. It’s slightly newer according to the listing agent, but I’m not sure about the date. I thought knob-and-tube wiring had gone out of fashion before 1949 but this house was clearly wired with it.