Garbage Day Is Thursday

My garbage and recycling pickup day at the Bestor Street house is Thursday.  I’m posting that little nugget of information not because anyone particularly cares, but because I always forget what day it is at my current address.  Maybe if I write it down here I’ll remember it for a change.  🙂


Garbage Day Is Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. I keep seeing the positives in Bestor…: a) fireplace!! b) backyard tree…? What is it? Looks good and old-ish!

    The house itself: when can I rent it???

    • Thanks! Now that I have approved a few, the blog appears to be auto-approving your comments by itself. Welcome to the Interwebs! 🙂

      I think I’ll be happy with it. The neighborhood is just decent, my condo is in a better area than the house is. But that house is larger and it has a yard. I don’t know what the trees are, I will have to look them up. The fireplace like everything else needs some work. My guy bid $1600 for a new top damper, replacing the firebox lining, and repointing some of the outside masonry. I might not do that immediately as there are other things which are more pressing.

      You can’t rent the house. Even if I wanted to turn around and rent it, I am legally obligated not to do so. Part of the contract stipulations in buying a Fannie Mae foreclosure were that I sign an agreement saying that I plan to occupy the home and not turn it around into a rental property. I think the time frame for that was a year? Don’t mark your calendar just yet though, I may get used to having a yard! 🙂