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Wow, no posts since last Tuesday!

Okay, so the termite tent is off of the house now and I’m fervently fixing stuff up so that I can move in.  I had previously planned to work on the barn this weekend but Saturday was rained out.  Consequently I spent the weekend working on projects around the house instead.

By “projects”, I mostly mean painting what will be my bedroom.  Painting wouldn’t seem like a high-priority must-do item, but the walls were really dingy.  I felt like sleeping in there was going to make me depressed.  If there’s one room that I want to feel comfortable in it had better be my bedroom, otherwise I won’t get any sleep.  So I painted.

In case you don’t do a whole lot of painting, it turns out that most of a painting project isn’t actually painting.  You spend an inordinate amount of time putting down tarps and taping off things that aren’t supposed to get paint on them, and I also spent several hours washing and rinsing the walls and ceiling.  It’s surprisingly exhausting work.  By the time I actually started putting paint on the walls it was about 6 PM and I didn’t get done until midnight.

While I was doing all of this, we had two good rain showers.  The first one lasted for a while and the second one was short but it was absolutely a deluge!  I climbed up in the attic to check for leaks while it was coming down but happily I didn’t find any.  I had expected there to be a couple because the roof is quite old but I was pleasantly surprised.  I did find a cracked collar tie that needs reinforcing though.

On Sunday I put on a second coat of paint, but it went much faster than the first coat.  I generally don’t go all the way to the very edge for the second coat unless a spot really needs it, and the edges are what take the most time.  If you have new smooth walls then you can use masking tape to control the edges, but these walls and ceiling are bumpy and uneven.  That meant I had to spend hours painting around corners and door molding by hand.  I mean, really hours, it seems like it takes forever.  I’m pretty happy with the result though.

A tricolor bedroom

A tricolor bedroom

I also did a few other items today including replacing the front porch light and doorbell button and putting lamps in the floodlight in the back yard.  It turns out that the floodlight is on the same switch as the utility room light and the switch next to that one appears to do nothing at all.  I’ll have to open up the junction box and figure out what’s going on there.

New doorbell button New porch light

UPDATE:  The second switch that I mentioned above is a 3-way for the cellar light.  That’s a good idea in principle, except that you can’t see the light at all when the door is closed.  So really, if you are unsure whether or not you turned off the light in the cellar then having this switch won’t help you very much.  I’ll see if I can add a pilot light to it.


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