A 64 Year Old Plumbing Trap

I’m having difficulty finding something to mate with what is left of the laundry drain standpipe in my utility room.  Nothing at the big box store is the correct size and gender.

IMG_20130924_210426_678 IMG_20130924_210614_128

At least I got to have a very frustrating interaction with the Home Depot guy.  He was just trying to be helpful which I don’t fault him for, but it wound up annoying me.  He kept pulling out different fittings and suggesting that I needed this or that, none of which was going to work.  What I really needed was for the guy to stop telling me what I needed for a minute so that I could figure out what I needed.  Ultimately it turned out that they don’t have anything with the right threads on it.

I might be able to find something at a real plumbing supply place like Conleff in Santa Clara.  If I really can’t find anything then I can try to get the elbow off of the pipe protruding from the wall, but I’d prefer not to.  It’s old enough that it might be permanently corroded into place.


A 64 Year Old Plumbing Trap — 2 Comments

  1. That’s old plumbing for ya. Nothing new fits. My traps and pipes are all held in place with plumber’s tape. Yay for plumber’s tape!

  2. That’s mostly the case, although a real plumbing supply house did come through for me here which I shall post about in short order.