I Can Do Laundry

My new laundry machine arrived by truck freight today.  I took a long lunch to go meet the shipping guy, who had a lift gate and a pallet jack.  He rolled it into the back yard for me so I could lock the gate.  Then I went back to the office.

After work I got Mike & Wendy to help me bring the thing inside and uncrate it.  Being both a washer and a dryer together in one unit, it weighs about 200 pounds.  It’s a beast to move around.  I went and picked up some right-angle hoses at the Depot to get it closer to the wall, and it’s now installed and working!  I’m happy as a clam!

Washer in box Washer installed

I would like to put in a tankless water heater so that I can move the washer closer to the wall and make room for a utility sink.  This installation will do fine for now though.

I also spent two and a half hours scrubbing the floors by hand.  That was a heck of a chore, and I didn’t even do the living room.  I wanted to get all of the dust and grit off though so that I can put down a coat of Bona floor polish.  That’s basically a light coating of polyurethane, so it will pretty much seal in whatever I don’t clean.



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  1. A number of people commented on my Facebook page about how neat the blue drum light is. That would be neat, but it isn’t actually blue. It looks that way in the photo because the room light is warm white and the camera tried to adjust to match the white of the appliance. That makes the cool white of the LED drum light appear blue.