Barn Progress This Weekend

I managed to make some progress on the barn this weekend.  Not as much as I would have liked because I was only able to spend one day at the site.

IMG_20130929_172559_473 IMG_20130929_183411_447 IMG_20130929_183455_780 IMG_20130929_183639_713


Getting the fly rafter on the East side up there by myself was a bit of a challenge.  I tried a couple of different ideas, and wound up going with something involving a C clamp.  I didn’t get a picture for you guys but I’ll take one when I do the West side.

There was also work on some of the shear transfer blocking, which you don’t see in the photos, and I closed in one of the gaps in the west wall.  I had previously left the gaps unsheathed so that the metal tie straps would be accessible until the blocking was installed.

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