Great American Beer Festival 2013

You’re probably all wondering why there weren’t any awesome barn pics forthcoming this past weekend.  There weren’t any barn pictures because I wasn’t in California to work on it; I was out here:


The Great American Beer Festival is held out in Denver once a year, and for beer lovers it is an event not to be missed.  Doubly so if you have a friend who happens to live near Boulder.  🙂

Due to a Ticketmaster screw-up, we weren’t able to get tickets to the members-only session on Saturday afternoon; consequently we went to the evening session instead.  I shall henceforth refer to the session on Saturday evening as “the party session”.  🙂  Although many of the brewery representatives weren’t there to talk about their beers, it was a lot of fun in a frat house kind of way.

So no barn pictures this week.  I’ll be up there this coming weekend though, and B is coming out the following weekend to help me get the framing finished up, which is going to be super awesome!  Stay tuned!

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