South Roof Sheathed

I finished the south roof framing this weekend on Saturday, and on Sunday got all of the structural sheathing on!  The overhangs aren’t covered yet, but all of the plywood on that side that contributes to the strength of the barn is installed.


I was able to finally remove the angle braces that have been on the beams since July, preventing the building from falling over sideways.  It’s nice to have them out of the way so that I won’t be hitting them anymore with ladders.  Or my head.  I’m happy to report that the barn did not fall over, and I can move on to the upper roof.

My friend Corinne came up and gave me a hand cutting and installing the sheathing.  We also measured the upper walls for squareness, and they were within one-eighth of an inch!  I’m really happy with that.

Rin With Skilsaw Rin On Roof

Saturday evening I did a bit of night carpentry while I was trying to get the framing finished up.  My mini solar system has really been the little panel that could, but it sure will be nice once I finally get PG&E power up there.

Night Framing


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