I’m Keeping My Trash Bins

Every time I set out my trash and recycling bins for pickup, one of them winds up on the other side of the street after the collection company empties it.  I don’t have any idea why.  Maybe they think the neighbors should have two?  Based on my observation of the serial numbers I believe I had theirs for about two weeks, but I swapped them back last Thursday.

I made a stencil to label them with which I think worked rather well.  Hopefully this will keep them sorted out, and with any luck the collection guys will leave mine near my house next time.

IMG_20131114_233319 Trash And Recycling NumberedThere’s a bit more overspray than I would have liked, because it was hard to get the stencil to lay completely flat against the slightly curved surface of the bins.  Even so I think they turned out nicely.

It’s probably a violation of some county code to spray paint your waste bins, but it seems like everybody does it.  I would say about two-thirds of the bins I see around here have address numbers painted on them.


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