The Gable Is Up

I got the east gable erected on Sunday, but sadly there aren’t any pictures.  I didn’t get it braced until about ten minutes after sunset, and afterward I was cleaning up my tools using the bed light in my pickup truck.  By the time I finished it was completely dark and I couldn’t take a picture.  I miss my helper.  🙂

I also finished the roof sheathing, which I do have a picture of.



I had a bit of an adventure in automobile maintenance after I finished cleaning up.  After leaving the pickup truck lights on for a while, the battery was dead and I had to jump start it.  I’m not having very good luck with batteries this weekend.  It should have been okay, but I’m only driving the truck on weekends right now so it probably wasn’t completely charged to begin with.  It’s the same battery that was in the truck when I bought it used so it has to be at least 6 years old by now, and possibly more.  I think it may be time to replace it.

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