No Wait, Not That One

I traded a couple of emails with my PG&E service planner today regarding electrical panels.  It turns out that I can’t use the electrical panel that I had planned on.  He initially gave me the go-ahead, but then when I wanted to confirm that it was okay to use a panel which isn’t EUSERC approved he retracted his position and said I can’t use that one.  He then went on to suggest that I consult what is available at local home centers as a guide to what will be accepted.

Okay so let’s just make this clear:  PG&E Service Planning essentially told me that the guy working the electrical department at Home Depot is better qualified to tell me what the utility will accept than the person who actually works for PG&E and whose job it is to do precisely that.

Do these guys know what they’re doing?  Wait never mind; we’re talking here about the same company that blew up San Bruno.


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