Let It Snow

It snowed last night on my jobsite. I didn’t do any work today because it was too cold, and also because I have a cold. Which is a bummer. Highs in the mid thirties this weekend, whereas last weekend they were in the fifties. It will be in the fifties again next weekend so hopefully I will be able to get some work done then.



Since I last posted here, I have gotten most of the upper roof framing done. There is still some blocking to finish and I have to work out how to erect the fly rafters before I can put the sheathing on. It’s definitely getting close to finally being time for my framing inspection. It’s frustrating how slowly things are moving now that I can only work on the project during weekends.


I think I’ve finally worked out my electrical service with PG&E, and also the county building department. I’ll be putting in a 200 amp Siemens panel with service disconnects at 50 amps for the barn and 150 amps for the house I’m going to build later. I’m not ready to start with the electrical work yet, but I ordered the panel from a seller on eBay because it was a really good price. I always kind of wonder whether stuff like that is stolen when you get it on eBay, but the listing looked legit and the seller has a good rating so I went for it.

MM0406L1200SEC one breakerMM0406L1200SEC interior

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