The Chickens Continue

It’s been another busy week of eating and growing for the chickens out at my homestead. Also pooping.

IMG_20140702_201702006_HDR IMG_20140702_201800549_HDR IMG_20140702_201915443_HDR IMG_20140702_202014049_HDR

I switched them over to Nutrena feed from the Purina that I started them on.  My motivation was that Nutrena is what Sam’s Feed in San Jose carries, but there seem to be some benefits to the new feed as well.  The Nutrena chick crumbles are more evenly and finely ground and less dusty than the Purina product.  Also the chicks seem to be…ah…how should I put this politely?  Their “output” seems to be more solid with the Nutrena feed, and they’re less messy.


They are probably ready to go outside now, since the weather is nice and warm.  We’re seeing highs in the 80s and nightly lows in the low 60s.  It’s just up too me to get their coop  finished.

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