Coop Construction

The chicken habitat in the back yard is coming along pretty well. I got the footings in the ground and framed up the walls and rafters.


All framed up

It’s five by ten feet, which should be pretty good for four hens.  I’ll let them out into the rest of the yard when I’m home and can keep an eye on them, but when I’m at the office they’ll mostly live in here.  The walls will be half-inch mesh hardware cloth, which should keep the rodents and hawks out and the chickens in.  There will be an elevated enclosed coop section on the right side where they can sleep and lay eggs, and the rest will be open run.

I’m basing it on the plans for the Garden Coop, but I am constructing most of the details differently and mine is slightly larger.

The angle braces that you see in the image are temporary, they will be removed once the roof and coop walls are in place.

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