The Poultry Habitat Is Open For Business!

I finally finished up the chicken run yesterday with the installation of the door.  The chickens are now fenced in!  This morning I built a ramp for them so that they can get up and down, and for the first time I let them out of the coop!


They seem to be enjoying themselves.  It took about ten minutes for them to venture out into the big world after I opened the door.  They didn’t use the ramp, they just sort of flapped themselves down to ground level.  I’ll have to keep an eye on them today to make sure that they figure out how to get back up into the coop.


I moved the feed and water down into the run, which is where I’ll be keeping them.  The pop door isn’t built yet, so for the time being I’m just opening the side access door for the chickens to get in and out.

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