My Sicilian Buttercup Is Laying

Yesterday I found the first egg from my Sicilian Buttercup hen.  It’s the one on the left in this image, the right one is from my Rhode Island Red.

Buttercup Egg

The hen lights which I installed appear to be paying off.  I’ve got the lights coming on at 5:35 AM, which gives the hens about two hours of daylight that they wouldn’t otherwise have this time of year.  The literature indicates that this should stimulate better egg output, and first indications are that this is working as intended.

Buttercups aren’t really known as spectacular layers, but it’s good to have her getting started.  The Ameraucana and Marans hens are still off duty for the season; I’m hoping they’ll start laying again with the added light.

UPDATE: And The Marnas Too!

I came home today and found a Red egg and one from the Marans as well!

Red Marans

The hen lights are without a doubt doing the trick.

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