Worked On My Electrical Service

This weekend was sort of hit-and-miss up at the barn project.  Saturday was not a very successful day; I had trouble getting all the materials which I was looking for and I spent much of the day shopping.  I did manage to get my South side door track installed, so at least it was’t a complete loss.

Sunday was more successful.  I picked up some electrical wire nearly the size of my thumb for the service entrance and got it installed from the new service mast down to to the meter panel.  For the electrical nerds out there, this is 3/0 (pronounced “three aught”) wire.  I might have been able to get away with the slightly smaller 2/0 in a residential application, but since the property doesn’t have a residence on it I’m not completely clear on whether the inspector would approve that.  Accordingly I used the larger wire.

wpid-wp-1422345561989.jpeg  wpid-wp-1422345428921.jpeg

It’s pretty difficult stuff to work with, you really need some tools and arm strength to bend it.  Getting the wire to lay nicely in the meter enclosure was a formidable chore.  I got it done eventually though, and even had time left to install a couple of receptacles inside!

wpid-wp-1422345514307.jpeg  wpid-wp-1422345349909.jpeg

I feel like I’m getting close to being able to call for an inspection and have PG&E hook me up!  According to the county building department, they require at least one working receptacle before they’ll approve the power company connection.  Done!  At least one outlet has been installed!  I can’t call quite yet however, I’ll need to put in the ground rods first.  That will be next weekend’s project.

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