Siding and Windows

I had a busy weekend at the barn this week.  It was a long weekend for me, which started with the delivery guy dropping off a little more than a unit of HardiePlank siding at 7:10 AM on Friday.  A “unit” is what they call the bundles that building materials come in from the supplier.  So for example, when you walk down the lumber aisle at your big box home center and see stacks of plywood on the top shelf held together with steel straps, each stack is called a unit.  HardiePlank comes in units of 230 pieces, so I received a full unit with a little stack of 10 planks on top.

I painted some of them on Friday, but it was raining on and off so I was limited by the amount of space available inside the barn.

On Saturday I purchased the skylights for my South-facing roof and cut the flashing for them to fit.  They aren’t attached yet but they are in place sitting on top of the flashing.  Each one weighs about 20 pounds, so they are unlikely to blow away unless we have a hurricane.


Skylights in place

Sunday was window day.  I got all three upstairs windows installed!  The two on the South were pretty easy because I had somewhere to stand while installing them; the East window was a lot more difficult.


Installing windows: 66% complete


All windows in place!


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